Fees & Enrollment Forms

HKILI offers a variety of study options in all levels, from beginner to advanced, and forms from one-to-two tutoring  to  group lessons. Fees vary based on the course’s length and size. 

香港國際語言學校 舉辦多種不同語言課程,由初學到進階、由一對二至小班。

Asian Languages (Putonghua/ Japanese/ Korean) #
Standard Program | 2 lessons per week | 24 lessons
亞洲語言 (普通話/日語/韓語)#
常規課程|每星期 2 課|24 課

Course Fee 課程費用:$3600

European Languages (French/ Spanish/ German)#
Standard Program | 2 lessons per week | 24 lessons
歐洲語言 (法語/西班牙語/德語)#
常規課程|每星期 2 課|24 課

Course Fee 課程費用: $6000

American English 美語
Standard Program | 2 lessons per week | 24 lessons
常規課程|每星期 2 課|24 課

Course Fee 課程費用: $4800

All Languages
Private Tutoring per hour 
Course Fee 課程費用: $650
English Exam Preparation (Cambridge English/ Pearson Test of English)
2 lessons per week | 24 weeks
每週 2 節 | 24 節


Course Fee 課程費用: $4800
Learn More - English Exams
GAPSK Exam Preparation/ Speech Competition
2 lessons per week | 24 lessons
GAPSK考試預備課程/ 朗誦比賽預備班
每週 2 節 | 24 節

GAPSK Exam Preparation

For students who have similar levels of PTH knowledge, aiming at GAPSK exams. Emphasis on interacting with others. From listening to speaking with sufficient exercises and tight teaching schedules to help student get well-prepared. 




Preparation Course for Speech Competition (various level) 

This course is aimed to get the children prepared for the speech competitions, such as the Hong Kong Inter-school Speech festival and District Speech Competitions. The Children are classified into groups of 2 or 3 of the similar level. Training focuses on their pronunciation, postures and gesture as well as their emotional expressions, etc. Majority of the previous students got great results. 

普通話朗誦預備班 (不同組別)


Course Fee 課程費用: $4200
Spanish/ English/ Putonghua Playgroup# (Age 2 to 6)
Any 2 lessons per week | 24 lessons
幼兒西班牙/英語/普通話唱遊班( 2至6歲)#
每週任選2 節 | 24 節

Various themes around daily life are used. The children learn native English through games, songs or drawings. Vocabulary building, Spanish/ English/ Putonghua speaking and listening are included. most importantly, children build up confidence as well as interest in Spanish/ English/ Putonghua.

西班牙/英語/普通話唱遊班( 2至6歲)

Course Fee 課程費用: $4800

#This course is one of the LANGUAGE BUFFET programme.