Learn French


French is an elegant language with a long history. It is the 9th most widely spoken language in the world. Being able to speak French not only helps your English learning, but also exposes the European culture as well as the language manner in various occasions. The preciseness of French vocabulary always amazes the French learners. Like English and Spanish, French is one of the United Nation's official languages. French is not only about aesthetics, but is also a practical language that opens up your career path. 



法語是一門文化語言。所有的法語課都與時尚、美食、藝術、建築以及科技世界相伴。會法語的人能夠閱讀法國大作家雨果(Victor Hugo) 和普魯士(Marcel Proust) 的原創作品、欣賞著名詩人波德萊爾(Charles Baudelaire)和普萊維(Jacques Prévert)的詩作、聽懂Edith Piaf 和阿茲納夫 (Charles Aznavour) 的歌曲。 

Regular French Course 

From A1 to B2, this course is for students who like French languages as well as French culture. 

Business French

This course is for workers who aim to work in France or communicate with their French-speaking partners. 


HKDSE French Preparation

This course is for students who would like to take Spanish as a subject in their HKDSE.