Learn Putonghua


New Brochure新課程資料

Youths 青年
Adults 成人
PMI Chinese Course 普通話中文課程

Tutors teaching Chinese in Mandarin. Students are given various types of reading comprehension exercises and writing exercises. Learning Chinese in Mandarin not only can improve the students' writing skills, but also build up their foundation for future. 



Business Putonghua Course 商業普通話課程

This course targets at the working class. Students learn the useful expressions and common mistakes when using Putonghua/ Mandarin in business.



PTH Exam Preparation 普通話應試課程

For students who have similar levels of PTH knowledge, aiming at PTH exams. Emphasis on interacting with others. From listening to speaking with sufficient exercises and tight teaching schedules to help student get well-prepared. 


Putonghua Speeches 普通話朗誦班

This course is aimed to get the children prepared for the speech competitions, such as the Hong Kong Inter-school Speech festival and District Speech Competitions. The Children are classified into groups of 2 or 3 of the similar level. Training focuses on their pronunciation, postures and gesture as well as their emotional expressions, etc.



PTH Pinyin(Age 6 or up) 普通話拼音課程 (6歲以上)

 This course is Supervised by the honourary teacher Miss Kong. The outline and handouts of 3 levels are well prepared by the team. Focusing on pronunciation of the initials (Shengmu), finals (Yunmu) and their combinations. Training listening and speaking skills of the students and so as to advantage them to further study and work in future.